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The purpose of asset management is to achieve a return on your investment at minimum risk. To reach this goal, the staff of ARCUS FINANCE S.A. is working hard, day after day, satisfying a growing and increasingly demanding clientele. Their competence and knowledge of the Swiss and international markets, combined with a critical analysis of new product offerings, make them outstanding asset managers capable of avoiding pitfalls, thus ensuring consistent performance results.

Through its location in Geneva, ARCUS FINANCE S.A. helps you benefit from the economic, political and social stability of Switzerland.

ARCUS FINANCE S.A. is involved in all types of asset management activities, in Switzerland and worldwide. Management fees are calculated in line with the standards of the profession and according to the investment policy for each particular portfolio. Thanks to the global network of correspondent banks, all operations are carried out at minimum cost, in the best interest of our clients.

Responding to our clients’ increasing demand, ARCUS FINANCE S.A. is contributing to the call for sustainable development by offering our clientele Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios, combining a reasonable rate of return with a modern and future-oriented vision of financial matters.

In addition, as you want your investment policy to be in line with your beliefs, ARCUS FINANCE S.A. may set up portfolios that meet Islamic ethics.